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Sarah-Anne Rohlfing

Pronouns: she/her

Sarah-Anne Rohlfing graduated honors with a B.S. in Marine Biology, minors in geology and biology from Richard Stockton University, Galloway, NJ. She studied abroad at James Cook University studying reef fish and coral, gaining skills in identifying tropical species and collecting data scuba diving at the Orpheus Island Research Station. Back in NJ, she assisted in research, analyzing genetic variability of deep-water corals to determine their spawning range. Graduating in 2014, she felt compelled to gain farming skills and have the knowledge to live off grid, minimizing her carbon footprint. Two years of farming in the U.S. and Iceland taught her those skills and generated her deep love for permaculture farming. Her farming also developed an understanding of the global and local impacts large-scale farming. After farming, she served as an electrician in the United States Coast Guard for four years developing troubleshooting, leadership, and team work skills as an engineer on two vessels. She eager to dive back into her interests in both transforming monocrop farms into organic, polyculture farms, as well as protecting our reefs and other essential ocean ecosystems.

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