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Sarah Lam

Pronouns: she/her

Sarah Lam graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies in 2019. During her undergraduate work Sarah primarily studied environmental policy and sustainable development, where she discovered a passion for food systems. She also had the opportunity to comparatively study coastal sustainability challenges in Southeast Asia and New England in the summer of 2019. She partnered with other students from Northeastern and the University of Hong Kong to address issues such as overharvesting of shellfish, toxicity from pollution, and the dangers of poor science communication for communities that rely on local shellfish harvests. Seafood-based proteins make up an important part of many diets across the globe, however overfishing impacts as much as one third of all seafood. Science-based fisheries management and sustainable aquaculture practices are integral to responsibly meet increasing global demand for seafood and manage marine resources. At Bren, Sarah hopes to be a part of these solutions and is excited to dive deeper into coastal environmental issues and seafood sustainability through the Coastal Marine Resource Management specialization.

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