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Shelby Walsh

Shelby Walsh graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from The University of Portland in 2016. After graduation, she joined AmeriCorps and served with Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust restoring and promoting the importance of forest and river health to the Greater Seattle Area. There, she ran a variety of volunteer and education events, some in partnership with local companies such as REI Co-op. After completing her term of service, she went on to join REI at their Santa Monica location, believing in the company’s values and dedication to fighting for a life outdoors. She became the point person for the apparel warehouse, seeing first-hand how much plastic waste the apparel industry produces. At Bren, Shelby plans to specialize in either Pollution Prevention & Remediation or Corporate Environmental Management with the goal of reducing plastic packaging in the apparel industry. She hopes to continue working in outdoor apparel, a sector that leads in sustainable sourcing and packaging for the industry. 

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