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Shuhan Song

Shuhan Song graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2019 with an honor degree in Environmental Sciences. During her undergraduate education, Shuhan assisted in a biodiversity research lab and the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. She identified and documented insects, helped maintain the herpetology collection, designed a display on a threatened frog species on museum’s open house day, and prepared vertebrate skeletal specimens for research purpose. In senior year, Shuhan conducted independent research on how climate change would influence the distribution of amphibians in Sierra Nevada using Maxent and GIS. After graduation, she worked as an intern at Qianyanzhou Ecological Research Station in China and joined the 2019 Field Resurvey of Forest Plantation. Her experience motivated her to pursue a career in mitigating biodiversity loss. At Bren, Shuhan is specializing in Conservation Planning with Environmental Data Science Focus. As an international student from China, Shuhan realizes how rapid urbanization and economic development can alter natural habitat for wildlife and change the relationship between people and nature. Shuhan wants to explore strategies to reshape urban planning and natural reserves to create living circumstances benefiting both human and wildlife in developing countries. 

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