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Siya Qiu

Siya Qiu’s research interest lies at cooperating data science and AI with marine resources management. Her research specifically aims to construct a global marine fishery database as well as a real-time fishery monitoring system. Siya graduated from Boston University in 2017, with Bachelor degrees in Mathematics and Marine Science. After graduation, she worked for Takeda Pharmaceutical, Boston as a data analyst to improve supply chain management and rebuilt quality inspection standards. Under the help of Siya, Takeda enlarged its production scale in Ireland division, while she decided to continue working on her interest in marine science, and became a research assistant in the School of Oceanography, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). During her staying in SJTU, she published paper “Illustrating the Hidden Economic, Social and Ecological Values of Global Forage Fish Resources”, and participated in the FAO funded project “the development of a small-scale fishery case study in China”. She has numerous experiences in communicating and cooperating with stakeholders from different sectors such as governments, NGOs, and fishermen. Her experience in both mathematics and marine fisheries inspired her to specialize in Coastal Marine Resource Management with a focus in Data Science at Bren School. Siya hopes to eventually develop business practices that can better support sustainable fishery while satisfying the growing need of seafood market. 

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