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Sophie Bartley

Pronouns: she/her

Sophie is passionate about reducing the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. Her work focuses on understanding how innovation in the global food sector, specifically within industrialized animal agriculture, can serve as a tool for climate mitigation. In 2021, Sophie completed a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from UCSB. Following graduation, she relocated to London and worked as an Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Analyst for the non-profit investor network, the FAIRR Initiative. At FAIRR, Sophie worked with leading meat and dairy retailers to improve their animal agriculture supply chains through sustainable sourcing and protein diversification. Prior to this, Sophie helped empower healthcare professionals to accelerate progress towards a healthier, more resilient food system at the non-profit Food + Planet. She also conducted carbon research on behalf of The Mighty Kitchen, a food tech company using data modeling and materials chemistry to make plant-based poultry products and ingredients. Sophie enjoys playing an integral role in helping businesses, marketplaces, and local communities understand how food systems impact the environment. While at Bren, she intends to specialize in Business and Sustainability with the aim of applying an analytical corporate skill set to her research on the environmental, health, and equity impacts of animal agriculture.


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