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Sujan Bhattarai

Pronouns: he/him

I am a UC Santa Barbara graduate student studying environmental data science. I previously had an undergraduate degree from NAMI College, an institution affiliated with the University of Northampton. Witnessing the pressing threats of rising climate to human civilization influenced me to take a career step in the environmental arena. Ever since my undergrad, I've been actively involved with environmental research organizations, including The Small Earth Nepal and the Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences, where I participated in biodiversity conservation and climate change-related projects. Besides academic interests, I am passionate about watching astronomical, historical, and natural history documentaries, staying abreast of technological advancements like AI, ML, and programming, and participating in soccer and running. My overarching ambition is to emerge as a data scientist, leveraging the power of computing to develop cutting-edge climate and environmental models. Looking ahead, my long-term vision encompasses a role in politics, where I can wield influence to steer Nepal's environmental policies toward a harmonious equilibrium between society and nature.

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