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Temesgen Gebreyesus

Pronouns: he/him   

Temesgen Gebreyesus is a first-generation college student from Los Angeles, California. While at UCLA he was compelled to volunteer for the Ethiopian-Democratic Club of Los Angeles, and advocated for the closure of urban oil-drills near low-income housing. Being a child of East African immigrants, and a part of the community that was heavily impacted by the neighborhood oil wells, he saw first-hand the injustice of environmental racism and the communities it affects. After graduating from UCLA in 2020, he continued his work in the environmental justice and policy advocacy space.
 While at Bren he plans to specialize in Energy and Climate, and Business and Sustainability. Being from Los Angeles, Temesgen grew up in a community with a rich and vibrant car culture. As a native angeleno he aims to combine his love for classic cars with green-energy. With the Innovation foci he strives to create an environmentally responsible business which turns vintage classic cars into electric vehicles. Temesgen strongly believes that we can embrace the future without letting go of our past, and plans to make this his mission through his company he hopes to create at Bren.

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