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Thomas (Tommy) King

Pronouns: he/him

Tommy King was first inspired to help restructure our commercial agriculture systems after witnessing his grandfather’s unintentional harmful land practices on his family’s own farm. Although a small operation, it offered a lens into the environmental failures and miseducation rooted within our global food system. At the University of Southern California, he was especially interested in impact-oriented business with an emphasis on scaling regenerative agriculture and wildlife ecology. In 2021, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, focused on the intersection of business and agriculture. Inspired by his family’s farming journey, Tommy sought skills in regenerative farming and ecology, working as an agriculture development consultant, land conservation intern, and regenerative organic farmer. Combining his passions for writing and ecology, he recently published a book to advocate for the changes necessary for our global food system to impact climate change. At the Bren School, he is specializing in Conservation Planning and Strategic Environmental Communication and aims to establish a more balanced, ecologically driven partnership with the land for a global food system built on regeneration and conservation.

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