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Timnit Kefela

BS, Biology, Rutgers University - Camden
MS Biology, Rutgers University - Camden

Timnit’s doctoral research focuses on understanding the sources, pathways and fates of plastics in soil and marine environments. Her research journey began as a botanist where she studied plant gene function and the role of plant-microbial interactions on enhancing plant growth, promoting defense against plant diseases and abiotic stress tolerance. She also worked on several projects focused on pollution and access such as phytoaccumulation of lead-contaminated soils and healthy food access in Camden, NJ.

Timnit firmly believes that the environmental future should include everyone. She is committed to connecting people to science, the sustainable diversification of STEM, and environmental justice advocacy. Timnit actively works on local and national initiatives with similar goals.  

Year Admitted

Research Areas
plastic pollution, microplastic pollution, environmental microbiology

Faculty Advisor
Patricia Holden

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