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Travis Christy

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MESM 2022

Travis Christy graduated from Arizona State University Polytechnic (2012) with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. After graduation, he developed his professional career through leadership roles within the tourism industry. Managing large operations teams and millions of dollars in company assets provided an opportunity for Travis to take his passion for the environment and implement green business solutions to many of the company operations he managed. Travis worked closely with SF Green Business and other certifying non-profit organizations to ensure his efforts were making an impactful difference. His work in environmental management motivated him to continue his formal education at Santa Barbara City College and City College of San Francisco (2016) where he completed 26 credits in earth and life sciences courses. Now at Bren, he plans to specialize in Coastal Marine Resources Management with a focus on entrepreneurship and communications. Travis has always wanted to merge his passion for the aquatic environment with work. As an avid traveler, diver, and aquarist, he has come to realize that many of these popular activities can have negative impacts on the environment. His goal is to partner with industry leaders, such as hotels and tour operators, to negate and reverse some of these negative impacts with marketable business solutions that increase both company revenue and get the general public more involved.

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