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Trent Buchanan

Trent Buchanan graduated from the General Education Honors Program and summa cum laude from California State University, Sacramento in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. His passion for studying the environment began in high school when he took a two-year environmental science course that began his interest in water science while simultaneously earning valuable field study experience with the award-winning Arcade Creek Project (ACP). As a part of the ACP, Trent led a small team in cataloguing the flora of the creek's riparian corridor at one of the project’s six sites. During his undergraduate studies, Trent combined some of his personal and academic interests writing an independent thesis on best management practices for water resources on California golf courses. He also furthered his experience in water resources interning on the EPA-funded Energy Water Emissions Dashboard (EWED) project. EWED examines the interdependence of domestic water and energy systems through data collection and visualization to support more integrated management of the two sectors. Professionally, Trent’s work as environmental inspector for the commercial real estate due diligence company eScreenLogic provided important experience dealing with pollution policy and commercial environmental management. However, he wanted to maintain his academic momentum and chose to come to the Bren School after graduation. At the Bren School, Trent is looking forward to specializing in Water Resources Management and strengthening his research, technical, and professional skills to explore California water security issues.

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