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Vanessa Rathbone

Vanessa Rathbone graduated from Brown University in 2008 with a double BA in Architecture and Urban Studies. She looked critically at how sustainable design and the built environment affected communities and their access to surrounding natural environments. Upon graduation, she moved to Colorado to pursue her love of the outdoors and engage with public lands and agriculture. She ran several organic farm education programs and worked on biodynamic farms before becoming part owner of a local food start-up. There, she ran the sales and marketing working on long-term strategic planning, conducting market research and analysis, and executing multi-channel marketing campaigns. Her most recent role as a brand strategist combined her love of storytelling and using marketing to create lasting and positive change for clients including: social impact organizations, sustainability initiatives, foundations, policy shops, and educational institutions. Vanessa aims to combine her love of public lands and wildlife to help protect and restore natural migratory and mating areas on a global scale. She is currently pursuing a MESM at UCSB’s Bren School specializing in Coastal Marine Restoration and Conservation Planning with a media and communications focus. 

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