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Victoria Wallace

Victoria Wallace is focused on using social science to identify stakeholder values and develop collective solutions to environmental problems. She graduated from the University of Illinois in 2018 with double major in Biology and Global Studies. As an undergrad, she was excited by approaches to environmental issues that integrate natural and social science. She first applied this method when analyzing social and environmental change in the Arctic, a key area for resource extraction, energy, and climate change. She also studied marine ecology in the Galápagos Islands, where the striking contrast between the pristine natural beauty and challenging local living conditions informed her perspective on community involvement in environmental decision-making. While interning with Sea Grant, she explored community impacts of pollution remediation and composed outreach materials. As a Bren student, Victoria is excited to explore how the environmental community can foster relationships with industries, governments, and local populations. In particular, she hopes to apply her personal interests in art & design and human behavior to devise innovative communication strategies. By engaging with diverse stakeholders, Victoria aspires to help advance both the environmental movement and human well-being. 

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