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Vrunda Tol

Pronouns: she/her

Vrunda graduated from BITS-Pilani, India, in 2019 with a dual degree in Chemistry and Electrical Engineering. After graduating, she started as a structural design engineer at Intel, Bangalore, where she worked on optimizing power and frequency in processor design. Here, she also learned about the challenges the semiconductor industry faces in using natural resources for sustainable manufacturing, managing electronic waste, and increasing product energy efficiency. Inspired to solve these problems she deeply cares about, Vrunda decided to shift her career and pursue Environmental Science and Management at Bren. She plans to specialize in Business and Sustainability and Energy and Climate, focusing on Environmental Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is particularly interested in learning about circularity, Life Cycle Analysis, renewable energy transitions, and carbon emissions management. Her goal after the completion of the program is to work on developing sustainable solutions in the energy and semiconductor technology sectors.

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