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Yvonne Dinh

Yvonne Dinh graduated with distinction from the University of Virginia in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences. Her academic and professional experiences have focused on the intersection between the environment and spatial data. During her undergraduate career, Yvonne participated in an NSF-funded research project that examined spatial trends in tree growth in response to water availability in Shenandoah National Park. This project also served as the basis of her senior thesis. Upon graduation, Yvonne interned at the US Environmental Protection Agency in their Office of Water where she assessed flooding risks in coastal communities. Afterwards, Yvonne interned at the World Resources Institute, where she provided support to a project that determined the effect of forest monitoring on global deforestation trends. Before starting at the Bren School, Yvonne was a Physical Science Technician at the US Geological Survey where she worked with staff scientists to collect and analyze spatial data to create geologic maps of the Northeast United States. Yvonne hopes to continue to expand her GIS skills to further solve pressing environmental issues. She will be specializing in Energy and Climate.

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