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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Master's Group Project

Climate Change Impacts to City of Santa Barbara Water Supplies

Group of four students smiling

Group Members: Lydia Bleifuss, Jessica Jagdeo, Camila Bobroff, Juan Espinoza

Faculty Advisors: Arturo Keller, John Melack

Client: City of Santa Barbara Public Works


Group Project Proposal
Final Presentation
Final Report


The City of Santa Barbara relies on local surface water from Lake Cachuma and Gibraltar Reservoir, located in the Santa Ynez River watershed. The City is interested in understanding potential impacts of climate change on water held in these reservoirs to help inform the Long Term Water Supply Plan with a time horizon out to 2050. This project provides an analysis of a range of potential variations in streamflow for the Santa Ynez River watershed, and therefore inflow to the City of Santa Barbara's reservoirs, from 2020 to 2058.

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