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Master of Environmental Data Science

Climate Hazards Data Integration and Visualization for the Climate Adaptation Solutions Accelerator (CASA) through School-Community Hubs

Group Members: Liane Chen, Charles (Charlie) Curtin, Kristina Glass, Hazel Vaquero

Faculty Advisors: Simone Pulver

Client: UCSB Bren School, UCSB Gevirtz School of Education, UCSB Environmental Studies Department




Community engagement in planning is essential for effective and just climate adaptation. Unfortunately, traditional forms of soliciting public input often do not generate productive community engagement in historically underserved communities, and establishing trust through new community organizations can take years. The Climate Adaptation Solutions Accelerator (CASA) through School-Community Hubs project identifies the 10,000 public schools serving kindergarten through Grade 12 students in California as promising sites for building community engagement and capacity for climate adaptation. To achieve this, schools need information about the intersecting threats posed by climate change, including wildfire, heat, flooding, and other hazards. Through this project, the capstone team will create a platform to geospatially visualize climate hazards in California, which will be mapped at the school and/or school district level. This platform will provide an accessible way for administrators, teachers, students, and neighborhoods to explore data reflecting the compounding hazards they face with climate change and at scales relevant to their communities. 

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