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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Eco-Entrepreneurship Project

Develop a product/service that accelerates coral bleaching prevention through the diving community, raising awareness and adding value to the diving experience (Eco-E)

Coral reef with different colored corals.


ResiliReefs is an innovative predictive modeling software designed to enhance coral reef restoration and conservation efforts. The primary challenge addressed by ResiliReefs is the selection of optimal restoration sites, which is critical given the increasing threats to coral ecosystems from climate change, pollution, and other anthropogenic factors. Current restoration efforts often face setbacks due to inadequate site selection, leading to lower survival rates of transplanted corals.

The objective of ResiliReefs is to provide restoration managers with a powerful tool that utilizes extensive environmental data to predict and visualize the impact of various stressors on coral health. By integrating data on bleaching events, water quality, and historical weather patterns, the software aims to identify sites with the highest potential for restoration success. This targeted approach allows for more strategic allocation of resources and enhances the effectiveness of conservation initiatives.

Anticipated results from the deployment of ResiliReefs include improved survival rates of restored corals, more efficient use of conservation funds, and greater resilience of coral ecosystems. The software is expected to facilitate a data-driven approach to coral restoration, enabling practitioners to make informed decisions that are crucial for the long-term health and sustainability of coral reefs.

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