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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Master's Group Project

Implementing Vessel Monitoring Devices in Small Scale Fisheries: Analysis of Social and Economic Enabling Conditions to Maximize Adoption

Group of five students with faculty mentor on outdoor terrace

Group Members: Juan Silva, Barbara Rose Hoover, Gage Clawson, Thomas Butera, Corinna Hong

Faculty Advisors: Christopher Costello

Client: Global Fishing Watch


Project Proposal
Final Presentation
Final Report


This project analyzed the willingness of small-scale fisheries to participate in a vessel tracking program that is incentive-compatible to their preferences. The team conducted a dual response choice experiment to evaluate fisheries' preference data from surveys conducted in Indonesia and Mexico, then utilized a contingent valuation to gauge both fishers’ willingness to pay for a tracking program and the effects of fishers’ characteristics on their willingness to pay.

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