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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Master's Group Project

Planning and Incentivizing Native Oyster Restoration in Southern California

Five students gathered around a transect in the sand

Group Members: Colleen Grant, Brianna Group, Desmond Ho, Emily Read, Erin Winslow

Faculty Advisors: Hunter Lenihan

Client: Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve, Honda Marine Science Foundation


Final Report


Ostrea lurida, or the Olympia oyster, is not your typical oyster found at a beachside cafe, but a smaller species that was once abundant from British Columbia to Baja, California. After being severely overharvested during the Gold Rush, this species currently survives in low numbers along the west coast of North America thanks to restoration efforts in Puget Sound, San Francisco, Newport Bay and others. With more attention, we believe this tiny shellfish can flourish to provide us with much needed ecological and economic benefits.

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