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Travel Arrangements

Please consult the Bren Finance Team prior to your travel booking by sending a request by email to in order to ensure proper reimbursement and backup documentation is attained and UC policies are being adhered to.

Travel shall be planned in a manner that reduces costs to the university. For example, using Connexxus to make airfare, lodging, and car rental reservations automatically gives you access to the university's car rental agreements (insurance included), lodging agreements (corporate rate), and airfare programs (no penalty for canceling refundable flights). Making reservations outside Connexxus may inadvertently disconnect the traveler from benefits such as automatically included insurance coverage, exposing the traveler and the University to uninsured risks.

It is important that travelers go through the Bren Finance Team to make travel arrangements for lodging, airfare, and car rentals. This guarantees proper coverage and reimbursement to the traveler. Any travel booked outside of Connexxus needs to register through the Business Travel program when traveling outside of California. Please see the Insurance section for more information. 

The Bren School has the ability to direct bill airfare. This enables the Bren School to book scheduled flights for visitors and pay for expenses directly. For more information, please contact

The Bren Finance Team is happy to answer any travel-related questions and assist with travel arrangements. Please review the UC Travel Policy for more information on UCSB travel guidelines and policies:


Connexxus offers university travelers excellent pricing options for airfares, hotels, and car rentals through a secure web portal, with options ranging from full agent assistance to online booking.  Please book airfare, hotel, and car rentals through Connexxus whenever possible.
A Trip ID needs to be generated by the Finance Team to process direct billing. Please send your request to

More information as well as the web portal link can be found here:

Connexxus log-in:

Transportation Services

UCSB Transportation Services can provide a variety of vehicles for trips leaving from UCSB. Contact to reserve a vehicle.


Travelers who make transportation travel arrangements such as booking flights and car rentals through Connexxus are automatically enrolled in insurance. Insurance is not reimbursable for these types of expenses (as they are considered “add-ons”) if they are purchased outside of Connexxus’ preferred travel agencies and supported online booking tools.

University travelers must enroll in the Business Travel program if traveling outside of California. This will provide insurance coverage while traveling.
If arrangements are made through Connexxus then enrollment is automatic and filling out the form is not necessary.

Travel Advances

Travel advances are used to help pay traveling expenses that occur prior to an actual trip.

Proof of purchase is needed for airfare, lodging, registration, and travel expenses. 

Any other arrangement for pre-trip costs needs a pre-approval.  Travel advances should be requested from the Bren School at least three weeks prior to departure to ensure that the checks will be ready on time.

Complete a Travel Advance Request Form and submit it to Once approved and processed, a check will be mailed to the address provided on the form.

All travelers that receive a travel advance must submit a Domestic Travel Reimbursement Worksheet or Foreign Travel Reimbursement Worksheet (including receipts) within 21 days after the completion of travel.

Travel Reimbursement

Upon completion of a trip, all travelers must submit a Domestic or Foreign Travel Reimbursement Worksheet. With this form, all original itemized receipts, ticket stubs, itineraries, agendas and any other documentation substantiating the expenses should be submitted to the Bren Finance Team. All travel must take place prior to reimbursement. Please submit this form with documentation as soon as possible after the trip has taken place. This will ensure proper reimbursement in a timely manner.

The project code that will be used to expense the travel costs must be included on the form. If the traveler is not a PI on the account then the authorized PI will have to give permission to use the account by co-signing the form or by submitting an email approval.

Please note that original receipts must be provided for all expenses and itemized when applicable

Allowable expenses and guidelines for booking and reimbursement:


  • Airfare – economy only, US Flag carrier if international travel
    Please contact in order to book your flight to utilize direct billing to UCSB. This is strongly suggested and preferred.
    Receipts must be itemized if not booked through the Bren Finance Team.
  • Train/Bus/Taxi (no limo service)
    UC Policy reimburses the most economical means.
  • Rental Car and Gas
    Insurance is
    not reimbursable if you book a rental car on your own: always book rental cars through UCSB. Contact
    Only intermediate or smaller vehicles are reimbursable.
    Receipts must be final and itemized (i.e. not a quote or reservation)
  • Personal Car Mileage – $0.56 per mile effective January 1, 2021.
    A map (i.e. Google maps) must be provided showing
    starting/ending location and mileage by date.
    License plate number and confirmation for liability insurance must be filled out on the worksheet.
  • UCSB vehicle rentals (Plan in advance, with a min. of 2 weeks’ notice per request)
    Book through
  • Parking


  • Max room rate: $275 per night before taxes/fees.
    Please book your hotel through Connexxus whenever possible. This is strongly suggested and preferred.
    Receipts must be final and itemized (i.e. not a reservation)


  • Domestic – up to $62 for a 24-hour period, with original itemized receipt(s)
  • International – Per diem per State Department website

Conference Registration

  • Traveler must provide copy of event agenda
    Receipts must be itemized

Please note that a justification is always needed for attending an event. Please submit event information with your reimbursement such as an agenda, invitation or itinerary.


Travel Forms and Links

Travel Advance Request

Bren Mileage Log

Domestic Travel Reimbursement Worksheet

Alternatively, you may fill out the Domestic Travel Reimbursement Worksheet through DocuSign by following this link: Bren Domestic Travel Worksheet

Foreign Travel Reimbursement Worksheet

Please submit the appropriate form along with backup documentation cited above to after the completion of the trip.


International Visitors to the USA need to submit the following 2 forms:

1. For land border travelers, please apply for an I-94 online via the official CBP website: I-94

Air and Sea travelers will be issued I-94s during the admission process at the point of entry.

2. Declaration of Immigration Status by Non-U.S. Citizens


Useful links

Connexxus Travel


Per Diem

UC Travel Policy

UC Insurance Coverage


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