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Bren Diversity Committee

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The mission of the Bren Diversity Committee is to identify and support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) objectives for the School. The Diversity Committee is responsible for soliciting and incorporating community feedback into their priorities each year, to provide recommendations for School administration, and to pursue objectives that foster an inclusive, diverse community. 

The Bren Diversity Committee was formed in 2014 and is composed of Bren School faculty, staff, and students. Positions are held for an academic year, though many faculty, staff, and student representatives serve for longer than one academic year.

Interested in being a student representative on the Diversity Committee? Student representatives are voted in each spring quarter for the following year. 

For a list of Current Committee Members please visit the Committee Directory 

DEI Leadership at Bren: 

Sarah Anderson, Associate Dean for Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Ben Halpern, Faculty Diversity Officer

Kristine Duarte, Staff Diversity Officer

Current Objectives and Priorities 

  • The Bren School Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
  • Collect feedback on the Strategic Plan from the Diversity Committee, students, alumni, and larger Bren community; incorporate feedback 
  • Assign responsibilities and continue implementation of the Strategic Plan 
  • Faculty and staff diversity, equity, and inclusion training 

DEI Training 

The Bren School offers annual DEI training to all incoming students, faculty, and staff. Training for the year 2022-23 year was conducted by Rebecca and Ben Refuerzo on racial microaggressions, power and privilege. Learn more about this training, coordinated through the UC Santa Barbara Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Comments and Suggestions 

You can help the Bren School make change and address concerns by clearly identifying problems and suggesting changes. Please submit comments, concerns, and suggestions to the Bren School Online Suggestion Box. This suggestion box form is reviewed regularly by Bren staff; you may submit your name but you have the option to remain anonymous.

If you are a student and would like your comments to go directly to student representatives only, please submit to the Anonymous Suggestion Box. Student representatives will relay the information to the Diversity Committee.

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