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ESM 203

Earth System Science

Kelly Caylor
Samantha Stevenson

Prerequisites: Geography 3 or equivalent

Units: 4


Interactions among the atmosphere, oceans, and land and models of Earth’s climate and hydrology. Application of knowledge about the Earth System in environmental management and policy.

ESM 203 Waiver Process

Students wishing to waive ESM 203 must schedule a 30-minute interview with the instructors prior to the beginning of the course. In the interview they will explore the student’s background in Earth system science – previous course work, experience, and knowledge – and make the decision whether or not to grant a waiver. In some cases, partial waivers can be granted, whereby the professors agree that the student can waive the requirement, but must still attend specific lectures that cover material that has not been learned elsewhere. In preparation for the interview, the student should look over previous examinations from ESM 203 that are currently posted on the course web page.

If the professors approve a waiver, the student must submit a complete Bren School petition signed by the professors to the Student Affairs Coordinator. The student does not earn units for a waived class.

If a waiver is not approved, the student will be required to take the course. The student has the right to appeal the decision to the MESM Program Committee for review.

Course Syllabus: Fall 2023


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