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Engineering & Facilities

Bren engineering and facilities offers a wide variety of repair, maintenance, and design services for Bren School faculty and students in support of their lab and field work, and ensures the proper ongoing functioning of all Bren Hall building and lab systems. The facility is located on the first floor of Bren Hall in Room 1021.

Engineering and facilities services:

  • Space for large building projects
  • Short-term loan of hand tools and supplies
  • Use of shop machinery
  • Various instrumentation, equipment, and tools
  • Repair of lab equipment and building systems
  • Routine inspection and maintenance of Bren Hall systems, labs and equipment, cold rooms, and variable temperature rooms
  • Route inspection and maintenance of lab systems, equipment, and special items

For help with engineering and facilities requests, contact Sage Davis, Bren Hall Building Manager, at

Bren Hall


A map of Bren Hall offices and labs can be requested by contacting Sara Mata, Assistant to the Deans. 

About LEED certification

Recognized as the "greenest" laboratory building in the United States, Bren Hall has received a triple LEED Platinum rating. In 2017, Bren Hall was the highest scoring LEED project for California and the entire country. Bren Hall received a third Platinum LEED certification for Existing Buildings - Operations and Maintenance (EB O&M), making it the first laboratory building to be certified three times. Learn more about Bren Hall.

Informational tours of Bren Hall are available by reservation, schedule permitting. To request a tour, please contact us at

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