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Kaili Brande

Headshot of Kaili Brande

PhD Student

Bren Hall 1001

BS, Environmental Science and Management, UC Davis

Kaili Brande graduated from the University of California, Davis in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in environmental science and management. She spent the next three years working with several organizations in California and Oregon, focusing on a range of conservation issues. After working for the National Park Service in Crater Lake, Oregon as a biological science technician, she worked for an environmental consulting firm in Sacramento, California, surveying vineyard development projects and producing CEQA-compliant reports. In 2019, she worked as an education assistant for a local nonprofit organization, teaching children about local water supplies and the importance of water conservation. Kaili is interested in conserving and improving the climate resiliency of California ecosystems, particularly through land management strategies and education. At the Bren School, she is pursuing a PhD studying oak woodland ecology and the effects of climate change on oak demographic patterns. Kaili’s post-graduate career goals include contributing to the conservation of oak woodland systems and mentoring others in the field of ecology.

Year Admitted 

Research Areas 
landscape ecology, plant ecology, population dynamics, climate change

Faculty Advisors 
Bruce Kendall and Frank Davis

Fellowship Awards
La Kretz Graduate Student Fellowship 2019-2020
Bren School of Environmental Science & Management Fellowship, 2019