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Roland Geyer

Roland Geyer


Industrial Ecology

Bren Hall 3426



PhD, Engineering, University of Surrey, UK
MS, Physics, Technical University Berlin, Germany


Roland Geyer is a Professor at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California at Santa Barbara. Prior to joining the Bren School he held research positions at the Centre for Environmental Strategy (University of Surrey, UK), the Centre for the Management of Environmental Resources (INSEAD, France), and was a consultant in financial risk management for AMS (now part of CGI) in Germany. Since 2000 he has worked with a wide range of governmental organizations, trade associations, and companies on environmental sustainability issues. In his research he uses the approaches and methods of industrial ecology, such as life cycle assessment and material flow analysis, to assess pollution prevention strategies based on reuse, recycling, and material and technology substitution. Roland also combines these approaches with research methods from other disciplines in order to study the relationship between environmental performance, economic viability, and technical and operational feasibility of pollution prevention strategies. His overarching goal is to help develop the knowledge, tools, and methods necessary to reduce the environmental impact from industrial production and consumption. Roland has a graduate degree in physics from the Technical University Berlin and a PhD in engineering from the University of Surrey.

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