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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Master's Group Project

Analyzing Urban Forestry Practices and Management Plans across Cities in the Western US with Plan-It Geo

boulevard surrounded by trees

Group Members: Rachel Conway, Joanne Pham, Veronica Weber

Faculty Advisors: James Frew

Client: Plan-It Geo


Contact: gp‑


Group Project Proposal


This project is assisting PlanIT Geo™ in analyzing the impacts of their interventions on the equity of the Urban Forest Management Plan in Tacoma, WA. In addressing the equity of Tacoma’s urban forests, the project aims to assess trees' impacts on urban sustainability and the city’s ability to maximize socio-economic and environmental benefits while minimizing harm post-intervention.

PhD Mentor: Rachel Torres

PlanIT Geo™ partners include MESM alumni Ian Hanou and Megan Blansett.