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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Eco-Entrepreneurship Project

Eco-Entrepreneurship: Sunset Power Solutions

Four people sitting outdoors at night around a bright lamp

Group Members: Jess Leader, Ali Uribe, Sean Parker, Brian Jones

Faculty Advisors: Sangwon Suh, Emily Cotter


Final Report
Marketing Collateral


Sunset Power Solutions: Retrofitting Second-Life Lithium Ion Batteries for Wireless, Exhaust-Free Event Lighting

Sunset Power Solutions provides clean, wireless lighting for any social occasion. Our product, the MoonLite, repurposes second-life lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles to provide a stylish and easy-to-use lighting solution. The MoonLite runs on battery power for up to 15 hours, freeing event professionals from the hassle of laying and concealing power cables for lights, and significantly reducing their event setup and take-down time.   Compared to cabled lighting that runs on peak grid electricity or fuel-powered generators, the MoonLite is also better for the environment. Because it’s battery-powered, event professionals can downsize, and in some cases completely eliminate, fossil fuel generators that are typically used to provide power at events. This means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and less noise from dirty generators.  

Our innovative business model capitalizes on the growth of electric vehicles (EVs) in the US. An EV battery is generally replaced after 100,000 miles, when they have degraded by 20-30% of their original capacity. While they can no longer meet the performance needs of EVs, these batteries still have a lot of power potential, and can be put to good use. This has opened up opportunities for a variety of “second-life” applications, such as the MoonLite. By working with automakers to procure second-life lithium-ion batteries at significantly lower cost than new batteries, we are able to produce a premium product at a fraction of the price. Additionally, this post-EV use case extends the useful life of valuable natural resources mined for battery development, of which the extraction is energy-intensive. Sunset Power Solutions is helping the world Live Brightly, one battery at a time.

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