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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Eco-Entrepreneurship Project

The Hurd Co. (Eco-E)

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Group Members: Taylor Heisley-Cook, Celine Mol, David Mun

Faculty Advisors: Andrew Plantinga, Emily Cotter

Website: The Hurd Co



Marketing Collateral
The Hurd Co. Website 


Reducing the Impacts of the Apparel Supply Chain through Harnessing Waste from Agriculture

The Hurd Co is an innovative company that has developed an environmentally friendly solution for the production of fabrics, agriloseā„¢. Which is a man-made cellulosic feedstock pulp made from 100% agricultural waste, used by apparel brands to produce eco-friendly viscose/rayon, modal, or lyocell fabric. The patented zero-waste process uses various agricultural wastes, extracting viable cellulose without harming the environment.

The Hurd Co's process works with various agricultural wastes and uses 50% less water and 90% less energy than conventional fiber pulp processes. Their waste-to-wear process offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional fabric production methods.


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