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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Master's Group Project

Utilizing Flexible EV Charging to Mitigate Renewable Energy Curtailment and Support a Low Carbon Grid

Group of five students posing together

Group Members: Barak Albeg, Sandy Carter, Daniel Ettelson, Madeline Julian, Thomas Paschos

Faculty Advisors: Christopher Costello

Client: Southern California Edison


Final Report


In California, there is often an excess supply of solar energy in the middle of the day, which can lead to grid curtailment - when clean, renewable energy is not generated to its full capacity or sold to other regions at negative pricing.  As more electric vehicles enter the market in California and are poised to charge at the similar peak demand times, utilities are looking for strategies to shift demand of electric vehicle charging to use that excess supply of solar energy.  The project's goal is analyze the potential of electric vehicles as a flexible demand response tool and how to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

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