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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Eco-Entrepreneurship Project

Eco-Entrepreneuship: Bad Grass

Three students standing together

Group Members: Javier Ureta Saenz Peña, Sandro Lallas, Jeremy Knox

Faculty Advisors: Bruce Kendall, Mark Buntaine


Final Presentation
Marketing Collateral


Arundo donax, or giant reed, is an invasive plant species that thrives around rivers and streams. Bad Grass creates consumer products thus promoting demand for Arundo biomass. By introducing a line of cannabis pipes that are strategically positioned between joints and pipes, we can attract customers interested in smoking out of disposable pipes. Since the pipes will be intended for a handful of uses, consumers will continue to purchase more. By reinvesting profits, Bad Grass will be help the environmental problem by putting money back into Arundo removal.

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