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Group of Bren-ES fellows with mentor

A partnership between UCSB's Environmental Studies Program and the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

Bren-ES Fellows Program

A partnership between UCSB's Environmental Studies Program and the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management.

As part of its effort towards increasing representation in the environmental field, Bren has partnered with Environmental Studies to develop the Bren-Environmental Studies Fellows Program. By identifying and mentoring UCSB undergraduate students from under-represented and low-income groups, the Program seeks to nurture their potential as emerging environmental leaders.

Designed to nurture the career aspirations of Environmental Studies undergraduate students, the Program offers:

  • workshops in professional communication, resumes, networking, and interviewing 
  • connections with Bren students, Bren faculty, and alumni / ae working in the environmental space
  • 1:1 mentoring with Bren and ES faculty, students, and staff
  • information about research opportunities and internships throughout the academic year
  • a stipend of $150 in the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters

The Bren ES-Fellows program offers numerous opportunities for networking and professional exploration, broadening my horizons when it comes to future careers in environmental studies. Through this fellowship, I connected with a local wealth management firm, unveiling a newfound interest in the role of sustainability in investing and wealth management. The program's mentors have proven invaluable, providing career guidance and opening the doors to new opportunities.

--Lisa Tobin, Bren - Environmental Studies Fellow 2022-2024

The Fellows Program was super helpful when practicing interviews and receiving those pointers on my strengths and weaknesses. Both times I completed the activity with Heather, I left with beneficial feedback that I have utilized in all of my professional interviews since then. Not only that, but through this program I was fortunate enough to network with many people and one of them actually became my boss! Overall, I'm pretty grateful to have been a part of it and wish it existed sooner in my undergraduate career. 

—Angie Garcia, Bren Fellow 2021-2022

Being a scholar and a part of the program has been an enriching experience, and I am proud to be an alumnus.

---Jada Alexander, Bren Fellow 2021-2023

Group of Bren-ES fellows posing on Bren deck with palm trees in background
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