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Bren-Environmental Studies Fellows Opening Day 9/27/2023

Bren Environmental-Studies Fellowship

Bren-ES Fellows Program

A partnership between UCSB's Environmental Studies Program and the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management.

Interested in joining next year's cohort of Fellows?  ES students who identify as members of historically disadvantaged and/or marginalized groups, who come from low-income families, and/or who are first generation four-year college students and will be entering their last two years at UCSB in Fall 2024 are eligible. Consider applying today--deadline for 2024 applications is  Friday 19 April 2024 5PM PST.  If you have any questions, please contact Program Director Heather Stanford,

Please submit applications using this FORM.

As part of its effort towards increasing representation in the environmental field, Bren has partnered with Environmental Studies to develop the Bren-Environmental Studies Fellows Program. By identifying and mentoring UCSB undergraduates from under-represented and marginalized communities, low-income families, and/or are first generation four-year college students and who are entering their last two years at UCSB, the Program seeks to nurture their potential as emerging environmental leaders.

Designed to nurture the career aspirations of Environmental Studies students, the Program offers:

  • workshops in professional communication, resumes, networking, and interviewing 
  • connections with Bren students, Bren faculty, and alumni / ae working in the environmental space
  • 1:1 mentoring with Bren and ES faculty, students, and staff
  • information about research opportunities and internships throughout the academic year
  • a stipend in the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters

Interested in the Program?

Deadline for applications is Monday April 22nd, 2024

Evelyn Bermudez

The Fellows Program helped me develop the confidence to reach out to professors and working professionals through their professional correspondence training and mock interviews.

Evelyn Bermudez, BESF 2022-24

Alethia Moreno

What I've valued the most is engaging with people in my major whom I would never have otherwise's like having built in friends! The opportunities to champion our personal interests into volunteer what makes this fellowship feel like it is focused on our values and interests as a student body.

Alethia Moreno, BESF 2022-24

Lisa Tobin

The Bren ES-Fellows program offers numerous opportunities for networking and professional exploration, broadening my horizons when it comes to future careers.... Through this fellowship, I connected with a local wealth management firm, unveiling a newfound interest in the role of sustainability in investing and wealth management. The program's mentors have proven invaluable, providing career guidance and opening the doors to new opportunities.

Lisa Tobin, BESF 2022-2024

Zoey-Jasmine Moody

Being a Bren Fellow has been super helpful in preparing me for the professional world. Learning {about} jobs and grad the environmental field, and how to network and build my resume ...were things I would not have had the chance to learn... otherwise. I am also incredibly grateful for all the friends I have made through the Bren Fellowship... we have been able to encourage and hold each other accountable when it comes to our career goals.

Zoey-Jasmine Moody, BESF 2022-24

Marian Walker
One of the greatest benefits of the Bren Fellows program lies in the sense of community it fosters. Through the network of graduate and faculty mentors as well as like-minded peers, all passionate about advancing their careers in the environmental field, I have found invaluable support... students are able to lean on each other for advice on everything from navigating classes to providing day-to-day support. We also have the opportunity to turn to professors and graduate students ... for guidance on ...  research or broader career interests....The program has taught me that cultivating a strong network is among the most crucial steps toward securing opportunities in the field!
Marian Walker, BESF 2022- 24
Madison Salinas

Joining the BESF program has equipped me with extremely valuable connections and experiences with Bren faculty and graduate students {which} have immensely prepared me during my law school application process and finding employment post-graduation.

Madison Salinas, BESF 2022-24

Andre Marquez

Participating in the BESF Program at the Bren School has helped me develop better communication and networking skills. The program has also helped me meet incredible people/mentors with the same passion and goals as I do for the environment.

Andre Marquez, BESF 2023-24

Hibah Ganie

I have been inspired by other fellows within the BESF program apply myself to get involved in opportunities within campus. The supportive environment has truly allowed me to become the best environmental studies student I can be.

Hibah Genie, BESF 2023-24

Vikesh Dheeriya

No other program at UCSB has been more applicable and useful for my career than the Bren-ES Fellows Program. I've gotten the opportunity to connect with professors and peers in the environmental field in a one-on-one setting while also receiving valuable advice on interviews, resumes, and cover letters.

Vikesh Dheeriya, BESF 2023-24

Angie Garcia
The Fellows Program was super helpful when practicing interviews and receiving those pointers on my strengths and weaknesses. Both times I completed the activity with Heather, I left with beneficial feedback that I have utilized in all of my professional interviews since then. Not only that, but through this program I was fortunate enough to network with many people and one of them actually became my boss! Overall, I'm pretty grateful to have been a part of it and wish it existed sooner in my undergraduate career.
Angie Garcia, BESF 2021-2022
Dominique Changlee

Being in this fellowship, I have learned so much about my field in environmental studies that I would have not been able to achieve through classes. I also learned professional skills such as networking and resume building. This program gave me the opportunity to grow as a person and meet and experience a lot of people and events

Dominique Changlee, BESF 2023-24

Jada Alexander

Being a scholar and a part of the program has been an enriching experience, and I am proud to be an alumnus.

Jada Alexander, BESF 2021-2023

Group of Bren-ES fellows posing on Bren deck with palm trees in background
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