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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Eco-Entrepreneurship Project


Woman and man hiking through valley, with snowcapped mountains.




Tourism, when facilitated and managed sustainably, can be a viable economic incentive to stop detrimental, yet powerful industries from causing billions of dollars in damage to the world’s most fragile ecosystems and perpetuating injustices concerning the wellbeing of local residents. Many communities have already turned to tourism as a means of mitigating socio-economic and environmental harm, but a lack of marketing prowess often prevents these destination programs from achieving long-term success. Even the most environmental and socially conscious tourists have a difficult time identifying these operations, causing a disconnect that inadvertently disincentivizes the development of local ecotourism programs. Travelleco is a multi-sided platform that connects adventure travelers with verified travel options that are locally owned and sustainably-minded with the goal of motivating a shift in the tourism industry that emphasizes local operations and encourages environmental preservation.  

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