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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Master's Group Project

Roadmap and Recommendations for Sustainability Reporting in Food Manufacturing

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Group Members: Akshaya Jagannathan, Madison Kilkenny, Wesley Martinez, Daphne Prodis, Brenda Vuong

Faculty Advisors: Matthew Potoski

Client: Albertsons Companies




With the rising importance of environmental, social, and governance programs in the private sector, companies are increasingly using sustainability reporting to transparently demonstrate progress against stated goals and ambitions. Today, companies are expected to report beyond their own operational boundaries to cover the environmental and social impact of their secondary and even tertiary suppliers.

Albertsons Companies, the second largest food and drug retailer in the U.S., annually reports its enterprise-wide impact and progress against its Recipe for Change framework and is looking to expand reporting capabilities for commercial business customers of their 19 food manufacturing plants. This project will identify industry best practices for sustainability reporting in food supply chains to deliver a reporting template and road map for the company to enhance its impact reporting in the medium-term. The team will research key impact areas of food manufacturing, current and future sustainability regulations, and reporting frameworks, as well as conduct a competitive analysis of sustainability reporting practices within Albertsons Cos.’ peer set.

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