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Academic Resources for Current Students

Welcome, Brennies! 

Please scroll down for a list of academic resources including the course schedule, student handbook, forms and petitions, and more. As always, Bren School staff are here to help if you can't find what you're looking for or if have any questions along the way ( 


Spring 2022

Fall 2022 

For course descriptions, please visit the Courses pages (MESM, MEDS, PhD). If you have any questions about registration, please contact us at

Specialization Advisors

Graduate Advisor
Satie Airamé
Coastal Marine Resources Management (CMRM):

Chris Costello (Class of 2021)
Hunter Lenihan (Class of 2022) 
Conservation Planning (CP): 

Frank Davis (Class of 2021)
Ashley Larsen (Class of 2022)
Corporate Environmental Management (CEM): 

Matt Potoski (Class of 2021) Sabbatical in W21
Eric Masanet (Class of 2022) 
Economics and Politics of the Environment (EPE): 

Mark Buntaine (Class of 2021)
Sarah Anderson (Class of 2022) 
Energy and Climate (EC):

Sangwon Suh (Class of 2021) Sabbatical in W21
Kyle Meng (Class of 2022) 
Pollution Prevention and Remediation (PPR): 

Patricia Holden (Class of 2021)
Roland Geyer (Class of 2022) 
Water Resources Management (WRM): 

Scott Jasechko (Class of 2021) 
Arturo Keller (Class of 2022)
Communication Focus Advisor: 

Lisa Leombruni
Eco-E Focus Advisor: 

Emily Cotter 
Economics and Environmental Science (EES) PhD Emphasis

Chris Costello, Faculty Advisor
Interdepartmental PhD Emphasis in Environment and Society

Kelly Caylor
Faculty Mentors

Arturo Keller/Eric Masanet (2nd year)
Kyle Meng/Tamma Carleton (1st year)
Naomi Tague/Allison Horst (1st year)

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