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Administrative Services for Current Students

Welcome, Brennies! 

Bren School staff are here to help! Please scroll down for information on the different administrative services available at Bren. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us ( 

Administrative services guide - coming soon!

Request Queues

The Bren School has established request queues for help, repairs, and frequently needed services. Please use these email queues for requests so they can be properly directed and handled. Normally, more than one staff member monitors these queues so that emails will not be missed if one person is out sick or on vacation. Common Bren School request queues include:
For current students to obtain information and/or request assistance in regards to registering for classes, grade reporting, book orders, approval codes, and other instructional support issues. This is the most commonly used queue for current students and a great place to start if you don't know where to direct your request.
To obtain information about our academic programs, applying to one of our programs, open houses, and visiting the Bren School.
To submit trouble tickets for operational and building-related issues
For current students to obtain information and/or request assistance from the career development staff, to submit a job opening for alumni
To report issues relating to networks or computers or other hardware/software problems at the Bren school.
For inquiries related to accounts, budgets, late payments, general finance issues, etc.
To submit a news announcement, request for marketing and communications help, and for questions about PR, photographs, logos, and other communications resources
For inquiries related to non-academic new hire requests (staff and student), funding updates for existing appointments, foreign visa requests (e.g. J1's), time card and/or payroll questions, salary transfer requests, Kronos timekeeping questions
To obtain information about and to submit Group Project proposals
For purchasing requests, assistance with invoices, reimbursements, etc. 
To request use of a room in Bren Hall and to receive assistance regarding the schedule of classes (for Bren students, staff, and faculty).
For requests involving travel, flight and vehicle reservations, parking permits, etc.
To request website help, request edits or additions, or to report Bren website problems


The suggestion box (1) provides an opportunity for Bren School graduate students to voice suggestions to the Bren School administration and (2) serves as an information source for the Bren School administration to gauge student needs and concerns to inform their top priorities. All input is valuable for the Bren School community and appreciated by the Bren School administration.