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Bren Communication Capstone Final Presentations

Join Bren live for 8 capstone project presentations, from short films to outreach campaigns

Jun 4 2021 | 12:30pm - 2:00pm PDT Online

Video crew filming a woman talking on beach

Join us LIVE for the Class of 2021 Communication Capstone Presentations on Friday, June 4, from 12:30pm - 2:00pm Pacific Time. Students in the Strategic Environmental Media and Communication focus area of the Master of Environmental Science and Management program prepare final capstone projects in the areas of science communication, public outreach campaigns, marketing/public relations research and strategy, and video production.


This year we present eight dynamic projects for clients in the public, nonprofit, and corporate sectors:

Parks Are Essential Campaign, Yani Pohl, Veronica Weber

The Conejo Recreation & Parks Department hopes to reach residents to communicate the benefits of local parks to spark increased use, interest, and support for future park initiatives. This multi-part campaign includes a survey, strategic messaging, video competitions, and calls to action.

Uprooting Environmental Injustice Workshops, Kazia MermelMadeline Oliver

Environmental managers need a foundational understanding of environmental justice (EJ) to be effective, equitable, and inclusive problem solvers. This four-part workshop series is designed to help environmental managers gain critical skills and literacy in EJ and equity topics. 

Nori Business to Consumer Development, Jordan Isken, Renata Massion, Peter OmastaMinnie Ringland

Nori is a growing carbon removal company looking to expand its audience and increase carbon removal purchases. This consulting-style project involves extensive audience research, audience profiles, competitive analyses, and strategic messaging.

Saving Monarchs, Lizzy Schattle, Zoe Duerksen-Salm, Courtney Krone, Marie Bouffard, Nicole Schmidt

The Western Monarch’s population has dropped drastically, with only 1,914 individuals observed in 2020. To help save this iconic species from extinction, this project is working with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to help nurseries, gardeners, and community-members to adopt monarch-friendly behaviors.

Water Balance in National Parks, Joanne Pham, Janelle Christensen, Keene Morrow 

The National Park Service wants its managers to incorporate ‘water balance’ into their park management practices—but it’s a challenging topic and not many are aware of how it works. This project includes an ArcGIS StoryMap to explain the topic and why it’s relevant to park managers.

Uniquely Sustainable Seafood: Urchin Cooking Video, Max Diamond

The purple urchin is a delicacy that can help repopulate California’s kelp forests if fished. But Americans aren’t knowledgeable about the culinary uses and potential of ‘uni.’ To help curious foodies learn more, this cooking video will educate home cooks and share cooking and urchin sustainability tips.

Engaging EJ Communities at Coastal Commission Meetings, Gavi Keyles, Monica Gordon
Peyton Moore, Victoria Wallace

The CA Coastal Commission hopes to expand participation in its public comments. Since many young people and people of color are underrepresented in this process, this team created a short film, instructional video, and web content to inspire participation and provide engagement tips.

Seaweed Revolution Film, Gabriel de la Rosa, Alicia Fennell, Dylan Glave, Rachel Rhodes, Vanessa Rathbone

The potential for seaweed aquaculture is real, though challenges remain in expanding its use. Created for UCSB’s Seaweed Working Group, this short film addresses the benefits of seaweed aquaculture and helps those who might be skeptical better understand its sustainability and broad applicability.

How to Attend

Join us live on Friday, June 4, from 12:30pm - 2:00pm Pacific. Just copy and paste this link URL: and use passcode "comm". Meeting ID is 842 1743 1892.

Learn more about BrenComm

Bren Comm is an academic program at the Bren School, with trainings open to Bren graduate students, though many workshops and events are open to the UCSB campus, and local community. Learn more about Bren Comm projects past and present, and how the program trains storytellers, strategic thinkers, and compelling communicators to solve environmental problems through creativity, media, and inspired outreach.

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